Company philosophy: Sincerity, Inovation, High efficiency, Superior quality
    Sincerity: It's our basic business manner of honesty. Symbolizing the employee's honesty to the company and dedicated.
    Inovation: Not only technology innovation, leading the world, also including the perception innovation, management innovation and market innovation.     
    High efficiency: Symbolizing the scientific organization and management.
    Superior quality: Symbolizing the high and stable quality of products, also the good society image of Micky company and employee.
Company goal: Sincere contribution, caring lifes.
    Definition: Company is not only production and commerce, it also serve to the society's demand through its product. "Customer interest first, Company interest second", the company's interest is groundless without satisfying our customer's interest.
    Micky Foods sticks to the theory of honest business, we will satisfy our customer and consumer's demand by providing high quality products and excellent service. Treat every customer and consumer with sincerity, to help Micky Foods grow from small to big business, like a new born tree to a tall tree.
    To fully exploring the new information technology, taking advantage of the creativity of staff and talents, brand, management, making Micky Foods a leading and dynamic company.
    Green stands for life and hope. We wish our sincerity and hard working will make Micky Foods a dynamic and ever-growing company, it will also bring a hopeful and affluent life for every employee. At the same time, green also symbolize our products are of high quality.
Quality conception: Satisfy customers, Full participation, ever improving, serving society
Quality target:  
   Timely delivery: ≥99%        Annual growth rate 0.1%
   Hygiene qualified rate:≥99.99%        Annual growth rate: 0.1%
   Customer complaint rate:≤1.5%        Annual decreasing rate 0.02%